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Santa Claus conspiracy revealed

Adults of the Christian religion may be taught that their belief in the trinity, their behaviour and their spreading of the faith will be rewarded with eternal life after death. For children these kinds of concepts may be too heavy, it may be too difficult believing such extraordinary things, and the wait for the next life for reward may be too distant. Instead of eternal life then, the children are promised chocolate eggs and toys, instead of believing in the trinity they are taught to believe in benevolent bunnies, flying reindeer and the ever watchful Santa Claus.

The rewarding of chocolate eggs and toys takes place on easter Sunday and Christmas day respectively. On these days the church celebrates the birth and death of Jesus Christ (one of their deity). They celebrate these with social ceremonies. These ceremonies are a chance for the entire Christian community to renew itís connection with the church, give extra large donations and pray for salvation. These in other words they act as a reminder of what the faith is and that they are part of the faith. The childrenís belief and behaviour is being rewarded material things which offer pleasurable sensations. They may have made an association chain like the following:

Christmas day » Jesus born » Santa » promise of presents » happiness

Naruto is the current anime popular among youths in their teenage years (though in japan it is labelled a "shonen": an animation/manga aimed specifically at teenage boys). Japanese animations like these are incredibly profuse, but successful for the same reason:

The children should be trained and rewarded for their belief in fantastic non-existent creatures. They may then expect similar pleasurable sensations for all future Christmases.

As children become older these associations and church going behaviours may become established. Whatís more children may not only associate Christmas and Easter with happiness, their ability to believe in the fantastic has been tested and trained. It is at this stage that childrenís attention may be directed towards the Jesus solely. They are told Santa and the Easter Bunny do not exist. Santa may then be removed from their thought association pattern and it may change to:

Christmas day » Jesus born » _____ » promise of eternal life » happiness

They may still expect happiness although Santa has been removed from the chain. The reward itself has gradually changed from a material thing to a concept. Belief in fantasy creatures has been trained and rewarded until such a stage where the child is ready to pass on to adult hood a person willing to accept the bible without question and turn up to church without any material reward.

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