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Graphic Design


In 2006-2007 I became a member of a student support service in trinity college dublin and I was elected Public relations officer for the term 2007-2008. For both these terms I have done all the graphic design for the service. Student 2 Student had been named Peer Support Network up until 2007. One of the problems faced by the service is getting those in need of support to actually use the service, a difficult task. A survey established that people believed the name was part of the problem. Peer was too formal, and had to many bad associations such as the notion "peer pressure", the word "network" was redundant, and it was felt the service would be more approachable without the stigma that the implications of being a support service in it's name. I chose student 2 student out of many names myself and the publicity team came up with, as it captures the nature of the service (students supporting students) but avoids terminology with negative associations, such as "peer" and "support". The chain link symbolises the connection held between peers.

An early logo design for a company in germany. This version is for a letter head with space provided for details. For more of the early versions see the link below for 10 more versions comer logo webpage.



below to view a leaflet for trinity college dublin Student 2 student.
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