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Comics, paintings, and portraits


click here A tribute comic made for the 13th Birthday of James O'Barr's classic.

click here A tribute to Jhonen Vasquez and his comic Johnny the Homicidal Maniac.

click here Say it with bullets. A comic I did for the comedy magazine goldfish.

click here A comic on global warming for miscellany magazine. Includes biobots and rocket launchers! Full colour.

click here Guns, and violence. A story about overcoming a negative mood by blowing it apart with two massive guns... certainly worked for me!

click here For a colour version of the greyscale comic I did for the magazine "the ultimate comment". It features "the reality fish" - one of the gods of the universe according to the article... it also features some sort of demonic cow I can't explain so easily.

click here This is not as cool as the button, be warned!! it is actually a diptych for an article for a college magazine and as far as I, the creator, am aware of; it contains no aliens and no one wearing black clothing searching to destroy aliens... however it does contain a drunkard wearing a bra and a genius planning to take over japan.

I am currently working on a very large, very detailed comic. Already this comic is my biggest project to date in terms of the time I have spent on it. Despite this, I have yet to finish all of the preproduction details (story is written, character designs are still maturing). It is about a world fallen into a market research inspired hell. Some of the character designs are on my deviantart account, its based in a city based on east berlin, its filled with insane religious presidents, j-rock singers, robots and cyber gothic hairstyles. I will be putting up a preview and selling copies when its done :D.
go to my deviantart site for much more... michaelmathews.deviantart.com


This is a fairly old style of art that I used to use, but I will be doing it again and with much more professionalism for my new film. The style represents fragmentation and it is usually representative of a split in personality or emotions about a given issue.

go to my deviantart site for much more... michaelmathews.deviantart.com


Illustration I drew for an article I wrote for miscellany magazine. It was inspired by my neuroscience books as well as alex grey. The face is noticeably asymmetric, but the asymmetry has nothing to do with the article.

go to my deviantart site for much more...


Some photos I took of Paul Smyth at the piano marathon last year, it has been featured on an article written by someone on deviantART click here to read the article. It ended up as part of a really beautiful selection of art about music. I'm quite proud that this picture is part of such a selection.
go to my deviantart site for much more... michaelmathews.deviantart.com


Kitch portraits, I used to do alot of these when I was younger... especially when I worked as a portrait artist, hahaha. These are not really my best as I didnt have a camera back then... but, I may get into this again just to show off. Also- I prefer my fragmented style portraits (These have yet to be uploaded here).


this is printed on a long sleeve shirt that I sometimes wear- if you would like to have some of my art printed on something, let me know and I will try and accommodate your wishes. contact me at the.opaque@gmail.com

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